Kaixo listeners of What the Basque!! This week, we bring you a program about the Joxemi Zumalabe foundation (in twitter).

In Rub the Skin section, Ainhoa and Udane from Joxemi Zumalabe explain how it was created 20 years ago, why they chose the name of that man and their aim of supporting social movements that want to change the social model in the Basque Country. “What The Basque” radio show was created in English because we think social movements are pretty active in Euskal Herria, and Joxemi Zumalabe foundation is the proof of that: a foundation focused on strengthen and help social movements. It’s a kind of meta-activism!!

For Hala Bedi Method, this time we’ll take some Basque lessons from the interviewees themselves! While there are a lot of cook-related metaphors in Joxemi Zumalabe foundation’s workshops, we will learn a bit about that: Bor-borka (overflowing boil), pil-pilean (slow boiling and also a “current affer”), biltokia (storage space), gatza eta perrexila (salt & pepper), bazkalondoa (the time after eating, the long dialect-digestion), murtxikatuz (chewing)… Are you intrigued? Have some fun and learn a bit of Euskara with us!

Afterwards, a really interesting conversation between Tristan and Uzuri will help us understand about the “18/98 macro-summary” that hit Joxemi Zumalabe foundation, among other groups, we’ll learn about “intersectionallity” concept, racial issues in the Basque education system, Basque language’s different situation in different sides of the country (the need or no need of Euskara for children to socialize, the main reason for adults to learn it…), and finally they mention Arrosa Irrati sarea which is an online network for Basque community radios.

Then, we’ll chew things over a bit more with another interview. Lierni will ask Naiara, Markel, Idoia and Marina about “Pil-pilean” course, one of the political training workshops organized by Joxemi Zumalabe foundation. It’s part of the Bor-borka jakintzen laborategia (knowledge laboratory). Listen to them, learn and enjoy!!

Finally, in Nor-Nori-News, we will bring you the latest news from the Basque Country. There was a demonstration carried out by retired people, demanding better pensions. Also, there were 4 people arrested for taking part in a homage or Belen Gonzalez, which was part of ETA and died recently, we hope they free them soon… and hope this hope to be legal… And finally we criticize the comments of a journalist that blamed the feminist movement for having linked the 8th of march movilizations (which were massive this year) with the anticapitalist and ecologist struggles. Well, maybe he should write less and read more! We also mention the salary gap, which we had tweeted about some weeks ago:

This programme is produced in Hala Bedi radio, in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, and it’s broadcast on Tuesdays (19:00-20:00). Also broadcast in Melbourne, the last Friday of every month, by 3CR. We want to say hello to our friends in Australia! 3CR Community Radio, don’t give up the fight!!

If you want to contact the WTB show, mention us in Twitter (@halabediWTB) or send us an email, we´ll be pleased to answer your enquiries at whatthebasque@gmail.com. Click at the podcast below, enjoy  and share it in your country, wherever you are listening from!

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