What the Basque!!!! This month our programme is about Txosnas. It is a very interesting way to become town festivals and any kind or party into a financing source for social movements. Our friend Goñi will explain how txosnas are organized in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Another new collaborator, Eguzki, will let us know about the 24h occupy action that was performed nearby the New Cathedral of Vitoria, to criticize the so called “transition to democracy” staged after dictator Franco died. A constitution was imposed in 1978 for all the citizens inside the Spanish State, it´s been defended in a dogmatic way by the conservative, unionist (spaniolist) parties, even more now with the events in Catalonia (check our last episode about Catalonia) and this young crowd has cried lowdly “Agur 78”: good bye 78.

As usual, Hala Bedi Method will help you learn a bit of Euskara, this time you have the chance to distinguish different phonemes: Tz, Ts and Tx. Will you be able to make them out?

This programme is produced in Hala Bedi radio, in the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz, and it´s broadcast on tuesdays (19:00-20:00). Also broadcast in Melbourne, the last friday of every month, by 3CR. We want to say hello to our friends in Australia! 3CR Community Radio, don’t give up the fight!!

If you want to become an halabelarri and support Hala Bedi Irratia click here and if you want to contact WTB, we´ll be pleased to answer your enquiries, write an e-mail to whatthebasque@gmail.com!

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