6. WTB: Askapena

6. WTB: Askapena

What the Basque!!!! This month out programme is about an internationalist group, named Askapena. It’s been a very important group, working hard for international solidarity… for 30 years already! An interesting topic here in the Basque Country and for all the peoples around the globe.

Today, we have interviewed people that take part in the project, to talk about the brigades, the previous preparation, anecdotes…

In Hala Bedi Method section for learning euskara… we´ve talked about… colours!

And in Nor-Nori-News we talk about Altsasu. A town in which there was a bar fight between few youngsters and a couple of off-duty police officers . They are asking for an excesive punishment for these youngsters… This is the link for the Manifesto and the petition, sign it! Eskerrik asko! http://www.altsasugurasoak.com/es/manifiestos/ And don´t forget this: Spanish policemen were not welcome in Altsasu in the first place… Let´s start behaving sensibly all of us.

We want to say hello to our friends in Australia 3CR Community Radio! Don’t give up the fight!!

If you want to join the radio and become an halabelarri, click here and if you want to contact us, write an e-mail to whatthebasque@gmail.com

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